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C# Discord Bots / Re: [v1.0] Play audio from YT or local file
« Last post by Lost on 03 December 2017, 20:18:27 »

So I've been writing out the code and to cut to the chase it says that 'VideoInfo' basically doesn't exist, I've tried all other directories of 'youtubeExplode' but no luck.
C# Discord Bots / Re: [v1.0] Embedding [1/3]: Bot info
« Last post by RaythMistwalker on 24 November 2017, 22:22:50 »
What are you importing to use "GetHeapSize" ?
JS Discord Bots / Re: [Discord v11/v11.1.0] Eval
« Last post by Cecemel_PvP on 22 November 2017, 15:23:22 »
By me the messages spam so hard
Java Script / Re: Pls help
« Last post by Cecemel_PvP on 22 November 2017, 07:32:40 »
I dont find what I want...
Java Script / Re: Pls help
« Last post by Cecemel_PvP on 21 November 2017, 22:10:36 »
Thanks ^^
Java Script / Re: Pls help
« Last post by jtsshieh on 21 November 2017, 22:09:23 »
You can look through the threads and tutorials over here: https://forum.codingwithstorm.com/index.php?board=52.0

Those are all discord.js related and see what you can find.

Happy coding c;
Java Script / Pls help
« Last post by Cecemel_PvP on 21 November 2017, 21:57:00 »
How tout make a discord.JS bot : how to make a bot that when de send a message in a specific channel it's sens the message in all channel that have the same name.  :help: :help:
JS Discord Bots / Re: Hosting your Discord Bot
« Last post by ExactlyWhoYouThinkItIs on 18 November 2017, 04:50:23 »
Heroku is an absolutely awful choice for bot hosting. There's no such thing as free and at least acceptable at the same time.
JS Discord Bots / Hosting your Discord Bot
« Last post by InBlue on 15 November 2017, 09:33:27 »
Hello everyone,
I have noticed within the community that there seem to be plenty of tutorials on how to make your bot. But an important factor seems to be missing, this being hosting.
In this guide I will be talking about the easiest way you can start hosting your Discord bots for free*.

Expected knowledge
- Basic knowledge of using git

Getting started

1. The first step we are going to take is to head over to https://heroku.com/home and sign up for an account, this requires a valid email address.
2. Once you have signed up you will want to go the top right of your screen and hover over the menu button and click dashboard.
3. Click the button that says New and create a new app.
4. You will be prompted to add a name to your app and which data center location you would like to use
5. Before anything else, go to your settings tab and locate the buildpacks section, add the buildpack that you will be using, Node.js, Java, Python etc
6. When you click Add then next time you deploy your app, this will be installed.

Ready for deployment

1. After you have installed the buildpack you will be using, you are going to need to install the Heroku CLI (Command line interface)
    Visit https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-cli#download-and-install for the latest release of the command line interface, once installed it will automatically update.
2. Go through the setup for your operating system, this shouldn't take long, depending on your internet speed.
3. Once the setup has finished, go to the directory your bot is located and use Shift + Right click (Windows) or use the command line to get into your directory.
4. You will need to initialize this directory for git using the following
Code: [Select]
git init
5. You can now login to your Heroku account that you have previously made using (You will be prompted to enter your email and password)
Code: [Select]
heroku login
6. Now you can get your directory ready for pushing it to heroku, firstly you need to make sure are in the correct virtual directory
Code: [Select]
heroku git:remote -a name
Code: [Select]
git add .
git commit -am "Cool new update ;)"
git push heroku master
This may take a while depending on your internet speed for the first push, but all other pushes as long as they are not too big will not take very long.

That is it, your bot will now be online for 24 hours 7 days a week*, if you have any issues, feel free to mention me on CWS or you can contact me directly - InBlue#6220

*Heroku will automatically restart your application once a day when it hits 24 hours online

C# Discord Bots / Re: [v1.0] Non-static Help command
« Last post by LunarLite on 14 November 2017, 23:56:59 »
Your class is also called PublicModule right? Just checking
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